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The Healthy Juicer's BibleWelcome! So glad you are here! This is a page of resources used in The Healthy Juicer’s Bible as well as other websites and references that I have found useful to share with you.

I am grateful for all the bloggers, writers, food enthusiasts, journalists and podcasters who contributed to the success of The Healthy Juicer’s Bible. Below you will find their websites.

In addition, I wanted to provide a useful list of references for any enthusiastic juicer out there getting started on this wonderful journey!

Enjoy the journey, educate yourself, and Juice ON!

References from The Healthy Juicer’s Bible:

1. The Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide (the first book)
2. The Green Juicing Intensive Clinic
3. Wolfram Alpha Search Engine
4. How to Calculate Everything
5. Interview on Long-term Juice Fasts with Israel Torres
6. Benefits of Juicing with Evita Ochel
7. The Art of Juicing Forum
8. Juicers Hall of Fame

Press and Media about the Healthy Juicer’s Bible:

1. Blessing Oyeleye reviews the book on Think Feminist.
2. Michelle S. hosts a juicing interview with Farnoosh over at Earth Friends.
3. Gregory Berg hosts a juicing roundtable at Radio Enso.
4. Dan and Vanessa talk juicing and travel with Farnoosh at Simple Life Together.
5. Tony Teegarden conducts a video interview with Farnoosh about the Healthy Juicer’s Bible.
6. Marlee Ward calls it the The Best Green Juicing Guide Ever!.
7. Sibyl Chavis talks about “gaining health” on the Possibility of Today show.
8. Crystal Collins of the Thrifty Mama hangs out with Farnoosh to discuss Juicing for Health.
9. Cathy Taughinbaugh of Treatment Talk helps you Take Your Nutrition to the Next Level.
10. Ralph Quintero talks the Healthy Juicer’s Bible on The Great Business Project podcast.
11. Anastasiya Goers talks about building a habit in Juicing One Sip at a Time.
12. Shey Harms talks with Farnoosh about juicing the right way in her Slender Safari Podcast.
13. Chris Brogan praises the Healthy Juicer’s Bible on Google+ and others get in on the fun!
14. Meg Worden includes it as 7 (of the most recent) Books That Changed My Life + Health
15. Leon Bullard reviews the book on his Chase Victory newsletter.
16. Sarah O’Leary explores the The Zen of Fresh Juice.
17. The Tucson Citizen takes some of the book for a test drive in their What’s Cooking review.
18. Janelle Allen talks juicing and other things with Farnoosh at The Grand Life.
19. Kodjo Hounnaké provides a review of the book at his great site KodjoWorkout.
20. Evita Ochel gives a very in-depth review of the book at Evolving Wellness.
21. The June 2013 issue of the Juicing Healthy Mag features a great look at Farnoosh and the Healthy Juicers Bible.
22. The July 24th 2013 episode of the Money for Lunch radio show featured Farnoosh and her commitment to juicing during a health-focused episode.
23. A nice book review of the Healthy Juicer’s Bible can be found on
24. Vegetarian Zen gives a wonderful review of the book on their podcast here: Why We Love “The Healthy Juicer’s Bible”.
25. Vidya Sury talks about the Healthy Juicer’s Bible in a wonderful in-depth review at her website
26. Katia Singletary has some kind words and beautiful pictures of the Healty Juicer’s Bible on her website.
27. Len Saunders posts a quick juicing tip from Farnoosh at his Health Journal site.
28. Phil Ferrante talks HJB and green juicing with Farnoosh on his bFitandLive podcast.
29. Shane Whaley has Farnoosh on JuicingRadio to discuss green juicing, the book and the trouble with mustard greens on Juicing Radio Episode 20
30. The July/August 2014 issue of Veg News features a recipe from the Healthy Juicer’s Bible!

Book contributors references:

1. Sandi Amorim at Deva Coaching
2. Dan Hayes at Simple Life Together
3. Israel Torres at The Proof is in the Juice
4. Marlee Ward at MarleeWard.Com
5. Tess Marshall of The Bold Life
6. Marla Trevino of The Good Health Project

Great Juicing Resources from around the Internet

1. 10 Day Juice Fast: What Does It FEEL Like? via
2. Prim Juicers by Rich Donahue
3. Green Juicing 101 How-To
4. On Juicing by Joy the Baker
5. The Prolific Living “Greenterest” Pinterest Board
6. Juicers and Recipes


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