Unboxing the Green Star Elite Juicer

In this uncut and unedited first-take video, I unbox and unpackage my brand new Green Star Elite Juicer with you.

I am a proud affiliate for the Green Star Juicer and my philosophy with endorsing any product is that I have to use, love and trust the product, so I have walked my talk and put my money where my mouth is and I invested in my own Green Star Elite Juicer so let’s see what they sent me in the package! Watch the video below:

Share Your Thoughts on Juicers and the Green Star Elite Juicer

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments and questions about the Green Star Elite Juicer and also in general, any questions about juicers. I also own the Omega Juicer and the Breville Juicer, but now am a proud endorser of only the Green Star Juicer, which by the way ships for FREE!.

May you be ever more inspired about your journey to juicing and your very own return to health, my lovely juicing enthusiasts and if you are not part of our Juicing Clinic, now is the best time to join!