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Who Can Benefit from the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic

Do you want to get the fat and the waste out of your body?
Do you want to feel ENERGIZED using natural, raw, clean, green burning fuel?
Do you want to end the cycles of fatigue, indigestion, and malnutrition?

If you said YES to the above , then YOU can benefit from this clinic. 

Green juicing pumps essential nutrients directly INTO your body and gets OUT the fat and the waste and other unmentionables! The result: Oh My Gosh! Or in more detail, you feel renewed and refreshed with boundless energy.

You know how you feel after a shower? Well, imagine if you were to cleanse and rejuvenate the inside of your body the SAME way you do the outside? That’s what juicing really does, and I am here to tell you the REALLY good stuff that nobody talks about. No other type of nutrition, diet, exercise program, or eating style even comes close to the direct and nearly immediate benefits of green juicing.

The best part: Juicing is the MOST natural way you can heal and reboot your body.

Icon - Check Mark Still with me? Now let’s find out if this clinic is for you because I only want you to join if it’s a good fit for you and if it will help you. So, take a little test below.

This green juice clinic is right for YOU if you nod YES to any or all of the following.

Let’s see how many check-marks you get:

You are sick and tired of “Diet of the Day”, pills and supplements and what have you!

You know something is missing in your daily foods but you don’t know what!

You are eating your veggies and fruits but your body is still starving for real nutrition!

You feel you are doing the right things for your health but you don’t see results yet!

You have had some recent “health issues” and want to take better care of yourself!

You want to return to holistic, natural way of taking care of your body!

You are a tad apprehensive about the whole “juicing” thing but wanna find out more!

You watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and don’t want that to happen to you!

Oh and the clinic is perfect for you whether you are a total beginner to juicing or intermediate to advanced and either want some company or are in a total rut and need to get back on the juicing bandwagon, ideally with some friendly support!

Lose the Flab, the Fat and Stubborn Weight with Us in the Clinic

The value you get back in better health is immeasurable!

What Some of the Initial Clinic Juicers Have to Say About it

Green Juice CommunityOne of the great things about this clinic is the fun Juicers Community that will be welcoming you! We have a freaking blast here and so you will be in GREAT company. Check out our Juicers Hall of Fame and read some of the stories on why these guys and gals participate daily or weekly or however frequently they wish in the clinic and the amazing results they experienced in just 2-3 weeks!

Every new member gets a super welcome and we immediately find out how we can help you on your juicing by finding out more about you. Some people joined the clinic without even having a juicer and now they have come such a long way. You will find new juicing peeps either via our Dedicated Mingle Area or in the Private Facebook Group, and you can get all the support and love that you need.

Oh and don’t worry. If you are the shy type, we will leave you be, and you can contact me privately for any help. You’ll still be awesome and very much part of the clinic!

Check out what Sandi has to say about the green juice impact on her health:

Ready to join us yet? ‘Cause we are ready for you!

What’s a clean, pure, detoxed body worth to you?
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The best way to get your greens is to juice.
Learn how with the juice clinic! 

Why Add Green Juicing to Your Lifestyle

breakfast-servedGreen juices is the best and fastest way to come back to a natural state of health and vitality.

Green juices restore your total body and mind by getting RID of waste – you do NOT want to know how much waste your body likes to store deep in your intestines and guts.

Juicing is this amazing purification of your skin and hair and nails! Juicing is also a gentle wake-up call for your internal organs and your tiny little cells to come back to life. It’s like telling them, “OK now, it’s time to get healthy and happy again! Let’s go!”

Green juices is the most natural and wholesome way to reclaim what is still yours – however old you are or whatever state or shape your body shape might be in – you can still FEEL young, vibrant and beautiful. Mother Nature wants nothing less for you so stop believing the lies and just walk the natural path with green juicing!

So yes, this is a lively fun and super supportive community, plus you get 21 awesome juicing lessons (more juicing details below!) and start to learn how to make juicing a good habit in your life with tips, insights, creative recipes, and community love & support.

Oh and don’t forget to see what Dan thought about his overall green juicing experience:

Where else can you find
comprehensive lessons on Green Juicing
PLUS a supportive fun community?

Green Juicing Clinic Open now! 

And get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP when you join NOW.

What Exactly You Get in the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic

You will learn how to build the habit of green juicing in your daily routine here. You will have 21 daily lessons and you wil have fun because this is wild fun and the community will show you that right off the bat! Here’s what you get:

Lifetime Membership Access: You will have lifetime access to the 21 lessons, 42 (and growing) new recipes, my Comprehensive Green Juicing book, a Juice Fast Guide, exclusive juicy interviews, 400+ conversations in the member area, our private Facebook Group, and the priceless community support to keep you going on your journey.

Emails with Juicy Motivation: You will go through the clinic at your own pace. I will email you frequently to touch base with you for 21 weeks and to make sure you are staying on course with this new health habit.

Video Lessons: You will have 7 video lessons to watch and do homework for. Here, I show you my fun secrets, top tips and tricks on making green juices, my systems and tools in the kitchen, and we even go shopping together at the Farmer’s Market!

Audio Lessons: You will have 7 audio lessons to play on the go where I teach you more in-depth topics around green juicing and long-term commitment, and give you tools and systems to keep you going.

Text Lessons: You will have 7 blog-post format lessons with smart and creative Green Juicing recipes, ideas and ways to integrate it into your life, travels, work, etc, and so much more!

Wait, wait. Don’t forget your Sweet Bonuses ($54 value):

Copy of the Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide: You will have a FREE copy of my book as a complete reference (Value $27)

Copy of the Green Juice Fasting Guide: You will have a FREE copy of my juice fast guide, which comes along with the main book, and this is to teach you the basics of doing a short or longer term juice fast (Value $27)

Check out what Marlee thought about one of the lessons:

Why I Say Don’t Wait to Join the Clinic!

GreenJuicingI am not offering this deal for much longer and you can get lifetime membership at no risk today with my money-back guarantee. You get instant access to our super supportive Juicing Community who can help you hit the ground running with your juicing, and all this at the Introductory price! Sweet, right?

And I want to tell you this just in case you are telling yourself some nonsense that’s not true without even realizing it:

It is not too late and you are not too old or too “unhealthy” for a fresh new start. Green juicing does not discriminate, it works for EVERYONE!

BUT don’t wait either. Start now and reclaim your right to health today:

You Pay Once. You benefit a Lifetime!
Don’t wait. You have earned this for yourself. Act NOW:

Don’t Know if It’s “Worth It”?

Well, let me ask you this: How much is your health worth to you? Forget the money for a minute, what about the time and effort it takes to take care of yourself even when you just get a cold? Do you know that the sicknesses and discomforts are reduced drastically by those who juice regularly.

Do you know the hours and hours of time that you are going to save by NOT going to the doctor’s office, NOT going to the pharmacy to get cough medicine, NOT staying in bed because you will be getting healthier and stronger.

Then think about the money, the healthcare cost of going to a doctor for a visit, buying medicine, and maybe involving others to take care of you at their expense.

The juicing clinic is for you if you want to invest in your health and stay AND feel young and healthy as long as possible. That’s PRICELESS to me and those in the clinic. What is it worth to you? You decide!

Who is Teaching the Clinic

Hi, my name is Farnoosh. I am usually found over at Prolific Living, where all my passions including this one, green juicing, have found a home to share with the world. Today, I have the immense pleasure of offering you this Green Juicing Intensive Clinic.

My first juice: In 2007. The transformations to my body, mind and general happiness: remarkable, so I kept doing it. Five years later, I am still juicing regularly, fasting a few times a year, writing books and doing interviews about green juicing and spending time learning together with our great juicing community here.

In January 2012, I wrote this little best-selling juicing book: Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide – to my surprise, it has already sold well over five thousand copies on Amazon – and you, my dear, get the entire guide FREE when you join the clinic.

And in March 2013 my latest book, the Healthy Juicer’s Bible, came out with Skyhorse Publishing. The book sold out of its first printing in less than a month. The clinic is where we put the book to practical application in life, so join us!

The Healthy Juicer's Bible

Ready to get started? I will show you just about everything you need to know and make sure you have a grand time in your green juicing journey!

What You Need to Attend the Clinic

Green juicing requires that you have a juicer, not a blender. Here are 5 creative ways to get set and ready:

1. Use your own juicer: You already have a juicer. Awesome. You are all set.
2. Borrow a juicer: It’s possible you may know someone with a juicer but not using it. Borrow it for a while and return the favor later.
3. Invest in a juicer: Juicers do not have to cost a fortune. Hamilton, Black&Decker and other brands have decent ones for a $50 budget. Invest in one.
4. Frequent a local juice bar: Metropolitan areas and most cities have juice bars popping up everywhere. Locate one for your daily dose of green juice.
5. Juice with a friend or family using theirs: Share the fun by doing it with a family or friend who has a juicer. You can do it together and support each other every step of the way.

Are you not worth self-care, self-love and self-nurturing?
Act Now!
And get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP when you join NOW.

Check out how Shari used what she learned in the clinic:

My Personal Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeI stand 100% behind every single product, service and program that I create. I absolutely love each and every single one and believe in its value with conviction.

More than that, however, I want the satisfaction of everyone who comes in touch with the Prolific Living brands. If you feel this did not work for you for whatever reason, I will refund your money back up to one week after purchase.

So you have plenty of time to try things out and decide if this is for you!

See how Cheryl is thrilled that she overcame her doubts about the clinic:

Still Not Sure?

I can only tell you that if you neglect your body, you will regret it. That’s all. Juicing has done miracles for me, for every single member in this juicing clinic and you are no different. Juicing will do miracles for you too. You decide what that’s worth to you.

But no worry if you are not ready for the clinic. My only warning is that you’re gonna miss out on this amazing CLINIC PRICE and the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP deal if you don’t join now. You know?



I know this is a tremendous step into for you to take, especially if you are brand new to green juicing. Don’t worry. You will be in good hands AND you will be part of a supportive loving community.

Your body will LOVE you even if you juice a few times and just soak up the lessons and the love.

Just in case you have reservations, I want you to know my husband, who used to swear he’d never drink a green juice for as long as he lives, is now begging me to make him a “Mean Green” in the mornings. Seriously, he’s a new person.

Give juicing a serious go! You won’t regret it.

This clinic is for the Juicing Enthusiast in You. I know it’s in there and I want to show you the same thing so you believe it too.

See you in the clinic and until then, juice up, baby!