2 Healthy Breakfast Green Smoothie Recipes

Why Skipping Breakfast is Plain Stupid! You are obsessed with how you look. You are obsessed with how many calories you consume. You are even obsessed with the idea of skipping meals. Am I right? Well, so was I for the longest tie, but what if I told you that in all its irony, this […]

7 Easy Low-Carb Smoothie Recipes

How do you make delicious low-carb smoothies? During one of my recent book signings at Barnes & Noble, one of the readers asked if I have any low-carb smoothie recipes in The Healthy Smoothie Bible. Why, yes I do! In fact, I have a recipe tag for low-fruit and low-carb recipes.

8 Creamy Smoothie Recipes without Bananas

How do you make a delicious and creamy smoothie without using bananas? How indeed? This is the question that a woman asked me at the recent two-day event at our local Williams Sonoma where I made a lot of smoothies and signed books. Whether you are allergic to bananas, or just can’t stomach the taste […]

Thick Tropical Smoothie Recipe with Papaya

What? Is That a Real Smoothie Stand I spot? We loved the smoothie bars in Hawaii. I love that this trend of fresh juice bars and smoothie stands is slowly but surely picking up. If you ever come across a real smoothie stand, stop by. A real smoothie stand is a place that has fresh […]