Thick Tropical Smoothie Recipe with Papaya

What? Is That a Real Smoothie Stand I spot? We loved the smoothie bars in Hawaii. I love that this trend of fresh juice bars and smoothie stands is slowly but surely picking up. If you ever come across a real smoothie stand, stop by. A real smoothie stand is a place that has fresh […]

Refuel & Recharge Smoothie Recipe for Runners

Do you work out? Exercise? Push your body outside its comfort zone? I hope so! I’ve always exercised and Ashtanga yoga is a huge part of my life but recently something a lot more interesting happened. I started running with my husband on January 1st. Running as in putting on shoes and going outside not […]

Best Green Smoothie Recipe Beauty Detox

What is A Beauty Detox Anyway? A beauty detox is not just a marketing term from the beauty industry to lure you into buying their next expensive product. At least not when I use it! The beauty detox, such as a juice cleanse or a smoothie detox, that I am talking about is detoxing from […]

10 Must Have Smoothie Ingredients for Your Freezer

If Your Freezer Is Not Smoothie Ready, Neither Are You! You just came back from a run. Or yoga. Or you just finished doing your 10 minute breathing and movement invigoration with me at home. Yay! And now, you are salivating for that smoothie you want to make. You’ve been thinking about it during your […]

4 Quick Smoothie Recipes with Only 4 Ingredients Each

Why Only 4-ingredient Quick Smoothie Recipes? You know how you start a new diet with all the intention in the world to do your best but then somewhere along the line, you lose enthusiasm, you worry if you can finish it and it becomes a chore to follow the program? I’ve got news for you: […]

Fix Junk Food Cravings with Green Smoothie

Junk Food, Empty Calories and You Let’s skip over the super obvious. You already know you should give up junk food because it’s bad for you – that much is common knowledge – but do you know the harmful ways that junk food causes damage to your body and mind both directly and indirectly?

10 Easy Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

If you’ve been reading Prolific Juicing for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of juicing! It has been my top beauty and weight loss secret for years, and as I like to say, it’s also my first love. But when I started discovering natural ways to lose weight and get in […]