How Juicing and Smoothies Renewed My Life

Welcome! Are you new to juicing? Never had a green smoothie? Well, no matter new or pro, I am so excited you are here!

freshjuice-London-SavoyI am Farnoosh and I started Prolific Juicing to share with you my passions and practical tips about the natural healing and health benefits of juicing and smoothies.

I write about green juicing and healthy smoothies and raw foods and about how you can add these amazing sources of nutrition and yumminess into your lifestyle and feel youthful, energetic, pain-free and happy.

Doubt it? I know – I did too. Well, it’s okay if you don’t believe me. Just stay a while and I’ll help you get that first hand experience for yourself.

Since 2007, I have healed my body from stress, poor digestion and pure misery with natural holistic foods such as green juice and green smoothies and tons of raw salads. I still ate other food too – and I am not a vegetarian or vegan although I have tried all eating styles.

I shed 20 stubborn pounds (about 9 kilograms) after changing my habits but more than anything, I revived the inner sexy lean body that I used to take for granted in my 20s with the miracle of juicing, raw foods and healthy smoothies.

Age is a number. You can be sick as a dog in your 20s and a fine-tuned machine of health and vitality in your 60s! Don’t let that stop you.

I’ve had a ton of fun going on this healing and return to health (how often can you say that about a “weight-loss plan”?) and I’m here on a mission: To make weight-loss and healthy PURE FUN. With juicing. With green smoothies. With raw foods. And with the right can-do attitude!

Prolific Juicing was born after I wrote Your Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide, which is a quick starter guide to everything you need to know to get into juicing plus 10 of my top recipes. If you are brand new to the world of juicing and freaking out about drinking a glass of green somethin’, this beginner package is for you honey!


In spring 2012, I started the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic, a virtual clinic with a juice-loving community. You get 21 video and audio lessons that take you step-by-step through juicing, juice fasting and detox plus a growing recipes corner to keep your juicing journey exciting but most of all, you become a part of the juice-lover’s community.

In March 2013, we wrote The Healthy Juicer’s Bible – I like to say we because my wonderful hubby Andy did the layout, the table of contents and all the work with the publisher, while I wrote the main body. Gotta give him credit!

The Healthy Juicer’s Bible – pictured on the right 0 gives you more in-depth information and little-known tips about starting with juicing and building a lifestyle with regular juicing. You can grab it anywhere online or in bookstore (B&N, even Costco’s and Sam’s carry it in some places).

My next book, The Healthy Smoothie Bible, which helps you make your foray into healing your body and eating better with healthy (and mainly greeeeeeen) smoothies, came out April 2014.

Have you picked up a copy yet? I’d love to know what you think of the recipes and more than anything, I’d love to help you get into juicing and smoothies today!

I also run a popular personal development blog at Prolific Living to help you become confident and happy with yourself.

Alright then. That’s a wee bit about me.

Now your turn to get ready to heal your body the natural way. Follow me and the juicy tips on social media or hop on the exclusive email list to get the inside scoop on juicing, smoothies and clean green living with healthy holistic foods.

Remember: Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. Spinach is!

Juicy love, healing vibes and a lot of fun adventure,



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